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Porcelain Veneers

Worn, chipped, or stained teeth are hard to hide and can significantly affect your confidence when smiling or speaking in public.

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin and custom-made from beautiful dental porcelain for each patient. A veneer is an appliance that fits and is cemented in place over the surface of your tooth to naturally hide a cosmetic problem in otherwise healthy teeth. These pieces can completely change how your smile looks and feels, from structure to shading. This restoration requires proper care, like any procedure, but can last years on end and give you a long-lasting and gorgeous smile.


At Denture & Dental Services, we use the finest materials to craft all of our custom veneers. They mimic the properties of natural enamel and blend into your smile for a seamless result. We custom-craft your porcelain veneers to conceal a wide range of common cosmetic imperfections, such as chips, cracks, gaps, misalignment, and stubborn discoloration – all in one treatment. Despite being incredibly thin, each veneer is strong enough to withstand normal biting forces. With consistent oral hygiene and regular cleanings and exams, porcelain veneers can last up to 25 years.

Versatility of Veneers

Veneers are a great and relatively affordable enhancement option that can boost your confidence and self-esteem instantly. Your smile can be whiter, straighter, and more dazzling than ever before. Veneers are virtually impossible to tell from natural teeth, so you’ll have everyone asking about your gorgeous smile.


We can use veneers to improve any of the following characteristics of your teeth:

  • Color — Teeth can become stained by the foods and drinks we like, from smoking, and even normal aging. Veneers are available in numerous shades, from the most natural to the brightest Hollywood white.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 1.22.43 PM.png
  • Size & Shape — Teeth can become worn down from grinding habits, or may not have the shape or size you want to begin with. For example, some people consider rounder teeth more feminine and squarer teeth more masculine. Veneers can be shaped and sized in whichever way is most flattering to your face.

  • Alignment & Spacing — Veneers can be used to close small gaps between teeth or make slight corrections in alignment while improving tooth color and shape.

Am I A Candidate For Veneers?


If you are self-conscious about your smile, you are not alone. Candidates for veneers are in good oral health. Before Dr. Masone can place your veneers, he has to remove a certain amount of enamel. If you have very worn or thin enamel, you may not qualify for veneers. Clenching or grinding your teeth can damage restorations like veneers. An oral appliance or another treatment for these issues may allow you to still undergo treatment. While porcelain veneers can address gaps or other

minor misalignments, severely crooked teeth may still require orthodontic treatment. Also, if you have lost a lot of tooth structure from decay or trauma (or a particularly severe grinding habit), it might be better to restore your teeth with crowns that cover the entire tooth. Veneers are irreversible. If you are concerned about making permanent changes to your smile, you may consider alternative treatment, such as dental bonding.


Dental bonding is used to treat many of the same conditions as veneers for a lower price. While bonding is a good alternative, the material cannot provide the same level of strength and durability as dental porcelain. In addition, veneers typically look more natural. Depending on the issues you want to address, Dr. Masone and his team will discuss potential alternatives to porcelain veneers and their advantages and drawbacks.


Enhance Your Smile In Just Two Office Visits

  1. Treatment Planning. You will first your free consultation with Dr. Masone to discuss your cosmetic goals and concerns. He can use this information to design a personalized treatment plan. It's a great idea to bring in pictures of smiles you do like, as a starting point for discussion. 

  2. Preparation. First, Dr. Masone will prepare your front teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel to make space for the veneers.

  3. Impressions. Then, he will take impressions of your teeth to create a wax mock-up so you can see what your veneers will look like.

  4. Fabrication. Once you decide on specifics like color and shape, we will

  5. create your impressions in our on-site lab. This allows for more precise color matching, quick adjustments, and a finished product of what you envisioned. In the meantime, you will receive temporary veneers that still allow you to chew and speak normally.

  6. Placement. Before placing your veneers, Dr. Masone will show you what they will look like. Then, he will clean your prepared teeth with a cleansing solution designed to aid in the bonding process. The bonding agent is then applied to your teeth and Dr. Masone will set your veneers in place.


Caring For Your Custom Veneers

Though our veneers and all the materials we use at Denture & Dental Services are of the highest quality and durability, they will still need to be replaced at some point. However, with excellent dental hygiene, including brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings, your veneers can provide a beautiful smile for 10 years or more. Before you leave your second appointment, we will give you full instructions on care and continued maintenance.  

One of the greatest benefits of veneers is that you can begin to enjoy the results almost immediately. Because they are placed during a non-surgical procedure, there is virtually no recovery or downtime needed. Your veneers will be ready to show off as soon as you leave our office.


Veneers are made from stain-resistant, high-quality dental porcelain and can be cared for just like your natural teeth. However, there are a few things you can do to keep them looking great for many years to come. To prevent fracturing your veneers, avoid:  


  • Chewing on ice, pen caps, or fingernails 

  • Opening mail or packages with your teeth 

  • Grinding your teeth excessively


Keep in mind that as tough as veneers are, they may not be able to withstand forces that come from using your teeth as tools (to open packages, for example) or biting into very hard foods like candy apples — which isn't good for your natural teeth, either! If you grind your teeth during the night, our doctors can recommend an oral appliance that helps you avoid excessive pressure on your veneers.

For more information or to schedule your free consultation, please contact us today!


Get the quality you deserve at the price you can afford. The experts at Denture and Dental Services in Destin will present you with your options to help you choose the denture that is best suited to your individual needs and lifestyle. We want to make the life-changing, long-lasting benefits of restorative and cosmetic dentistry accessible.


Our team of dedicated professionals will work closely with you to design a treatment that suits your needs, budget, and end goals. Going to the dentist is an investment in time and money, and we want you to be thrilled with your final outcome. We will explain all your options and their advantages and drawbacks. At Denture & Dental Services, we will work hard to deliver a result that goes above and beyond your expectations!

There is no substitute for experience. Call today to schedule your free consult at (850)-650-7979 and see the difference 35 years of experience and care can make in your life.

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