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A broken denture can cause a significant amount of pain and discomfort. While we make our dentures durable, accidents can still happen. A denture can become damaged in a variety of ways including impact, biting a hard object, and natural wear and tear. When you have a damaged denture, you need immediate care to prevent further damage to the appliance or injury to yourself. If our experienced technicians are unable to completely restore your dentures, we will guide you on how to prevent additional damage and possibly recommend creating you a new denture.



At Denture & Dental Services, we understand that your smile matters, and so does your time. We provide same-day denture repairs thanks to our on-site denture lab so you don’t have to be without your denture for long. If the denture is taken in the morning, the repair will be ready in the afternoon. Our practice is .4 miles away from a public beach access with free parking. Here, patients can have their dental appointment and their toes in the sand or the surf within minutes of leaving our office. Please click here to learn about our Destination Dentistry program.

Checking Your Denture For Damage


Dentures often show early signs of potential damage. Often, an improper fit is the most common cause of cracked dentures.  Dr. Masone recommends checking your denture once a week for any areas of damage or new signs of wear. Signs of wear generally include bite marks from the teeth that are chewing into the denture or the denture not fitting as well or not having the suction it used to have. As you speak or chew, your dentures apply pressure on one another repeatedly. Over time poor fitting, misaligned dentures will overstress a specific area, causing a break that will only continue to worsen. For areas of damage, check the gum portion of the denture using light to shine through it to evaluate for any cracks forming.  If you note cracks forming, call our office at (850)-650-7979 to schedule an appointment for your denture repair before the cracks get bigger. If you wait too long to bring a partial denture in for a repair, there is a chance that the teeth can shift and the denture may no longer fit.  Damaged dentures will only worsen over time, and require more extensive and costly repairs. 


Do not attempt to repair it on your own. Although do-it-yourself repair kits are available, their results are inconsistent and may even cause further issues since they may not address the underlying cause of your cracked dentures. Dr. Masone has seen many patients who have attempted to repair a denture using super glue or crazy glue and generally, this ruins the prosthesis and makes it much more difficult to fix. The reason is that super glue cannot bond to the denture acrylic effectively.  It will generally hold up for one or two days at best, but then it will break again making it more difficult to fix.

If a tooth breaks off the denture, please keep that tooth as it fits the denture perfectly and matches the other teeth. 

For more information or to schedule your free consultation, please contact us today!


Get the quality you deserve at the price you can afford. The experts at Denture and Dental Services in Destin will present you with your options to help you choose the denture that is best suited to your individual needs and lifestyle. We want to make the life-changing, long-lasting benefits of restorative and cosmetic dentistry accessible.


Our team of dedicated professionals will work closely with you to design a treatment that suits your needs, budget, and end goals. Going to the dentist is an investment in time and money, and we want you to be thrilled with your final outcome. We will explain all your options and their advantages and drawbacks. At Denture & Dental Services, we will work hard to deliver a result that goes above and beyond your expectations!

There is no substitute for experience. Call today to schedule your free consult at (850)-650-7979 and see the difference 35 years of experience and care can make in your life.

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