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Complete dentures or full dentures are removable prosthetic devices that replace all teeth within an arch. Designed for the optimum in functionality and aesthetics, we use lifelike, durable composite teeth and colored acrylic (the pink base of the denture). We use absolutely no cadmium components. Our dentures are designed and balanced using the Denture and Dental Services System, a modern denture architecture system to ensure that your dentures fit and function in a superior manner. A denture made through a Denturist is designed to obtain the optimum comfort, fit, function, and aesthetic. There are several types of full dentures available. Their costs vary depending on the choice of materials used.


Types of Full Dentures


Immediate Dentures: These are usually a temporary means of helping you transition to successful denture wearing. Because of the muscular readjustment required, as well as the natural shrinkage of gums, the dentures which are placed immediately after tooth extraction won't fit as well as permanent dentures made when the healing is complete. They do, however, provide you with new teeth right away, and give you time to adjust.

Conventional Full Dentures: After a period of time, we can fabricate permanent dentures that conform to your mouth with near-perfect accuracy. These are carefully crafted to look as much like your own natural teeth as possible and are able to function properly in your mouth for a long time.


Implant-Supported Overdentures: To increase the stability of a lower or upper denture, it's possible for it to be securely anchored using two or more dental implants. The upper jaw requires more implants (generally three or more) than the lower jaw due to a lesser bone density. Many people find this option offers a great balance of comfort, functionality, and value.


Premium Dentures


Instead of traditional plastic prosthetic teeth, premium dentures are made with modern composite teeth. The teeth are usually individually crafted and resemble real teeth more than the plastic variety. Premium dentures also have a more natural-looking support structure, and although they may cost a bit more than conventional dentures, they are very difficult to distinguish from real teeth. The premium denture is far more superior, more actual in size and measurements, much more durable and can last up to 10 years.

Advantages of Full Dentures

  • The most affordable treatment option for replacing all teeth in an entire arch

  • Natural-looking 

  • The shortest treatment time from start to finish

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Get the quality you deserve at the price you can afford. The experts at Denture and Dental Services in Destin will present you with your options to help you choose the denture that is best suited to your individual needs and lifestyle. We want to make the life-changing, long-lasting benefits of restorative and cosmetic dentistry accessible.


Our team of dedicated professionals will work closely with you to design a treatment that suits your needs, budget, and end goals. Going to the dentist is an investment in time and money, and we want you to be thrilled with your final outcome. We will explain all your options and their advantages and drawbacks. At Denture & Dental Services, we will work hard to deliver a result that goes above and beyond your expectations!

There is no substitute for experience. Call today to schedule your free consult at (850)-650-7979 and see the difference 35 years of experience and care can make in your life.

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